E-Learning Price Drop: Now Get This 12 Week Business Education Course for Less!

The task of building an online business is daunting. This is why Sitesell has released eLearning, an extensive 12 week program designed for people who want to start their own business, or people who currently own a business but aren’t doing so hot. eLearning is a step-by-step process to owning a successful business and maintaining it. No other company offers anything like this, especially for this new, low price.Universities and colleges are raving over this business education course, and it is spreading like a virus. With any other business education course you’re going to find on the web, you are likely going to pay, hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a program that can’t even compare to Sitesell’s eLearning.During the e-learning business education course, a professional Sitesell instructor shows you all SBI tools, features, and everything you need to get started with Site Build It! At the conclusion of this course, you will have a solid idea of how to succeed in online business and a professional, traffic generating website.The best thing about this business education course, as explained by many happy customers, is that you do it all from the comfort of your own home. You get live instruction and guidance every step of the way. Your Sitesell instructor will teach you how to choose an attractive domain, create several streams of income, turn your traffic into money, professionally design your site, expand your business, and much more!A Weekly Overview of the E-Learning Business Education CourseWeek 1
During the first week, you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow classmates and instructor. You will also get a checklist to keep you on track, and learn core concepts of online and offline business. During this week, you will learn the basics of how to use E-Learning and be most successful with it.Week 2
The second week you will be focusing solely on your passion, experience, or hobbies that you want to transform into a business. This is a very important week, as you will be brainstorming ideas about which course you want your business to take.Week 3
During this week, you will be looking at topics that are likely to do well. You will be using the information you found in week 2 to find topics that are likely to be profitable.Week 4
This week you will be focusing on how you will monetize your website and set up multiple income streams.Week 5
Finding a domain name for your business can be tough, but this week is dedicated to helping you choose and register the perfect domain name for you.Week 6-7
Designing and writing the content to your first web pages is your task this week. You will learn how to build your web pages and add content to them.Week 8
Many people spend tons of money on traffic, when they could just get it free from search engines. This week, you will learn how to optimize your sites so search engines can find you and rank you.Week 9
During this week, you will learn all about PREselling and how it is an effective strategy for getting customers.Week 9-10
This week, you will learn how to monitor your traffic stats and adjust your marketing plan based on that information.Week 11
Chances are, you are building this site with hopes that it brings in some cash flow. This week, you will take a comprehensive look at the 15 monetization models and put them to action.Week 12
It’s time to wrap everything up and bring this business education course to a conclusion. It’s time for you to graduate and continue on your journey to success!

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